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Founded in 1979, System Resources Inc
offers consulting for:

• Programming development
• Project management
• iMIS SQL, LAN, e-Series modules, e-Content Manager
• Webmaster/internet development
• Network support
• Technical support
• Association management

We are certified and authorized to support all ASI (Advanced Solutions International) products iMIS, e-Series, eContent Manager, Extender Applications iBO & .NET development as Independent ASI Consultants. We are also certified through Prosoft (Internet Webmaster). In April of 2004 we launched our first iMIS/e-Series module AssociationBallot (online voting/survey/evaluation/polling).

Our company offers a development environment separate from your production environment. Our servers run Windows, ColdFusion Enterprise Server, and flavors of Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine, Sybase Adaptive Server (to mirror your production environment). With these resources, we give you the opportunity to develop and test new applications in the development environment without interrupting your day to day operations. This unique approach gives you more stability and greater flexibility while still maintaining only one site at one cost.

For more details on our iMIS skills & clients click here

  • Remote SQL Server Administration
  • .NET development
  • SQL queries/stored procedures
  • Creation of SQL Triggers/Cursors
  • Visual Basic Applications
  • Database Design
  • Database Administration
  • Crystal Report Creation
  • Access Report Creation
  • Cold Fusion Development
  • iMIS Database Migration
  • iMIS Database Upgrades
  • Accumail installation
  • iMIS Technical Support
  • XTender Applications
  • iMIS e-Series Installations
  • iMIS e-Series Revamp
  • iMIS e-Series Upgrades
  • Web Site Design
  • Web Site Changes/Revamping
  • Update/Create Meta Tags
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Custom CGI Programming
  • Network & Server support
  • Workstation configuration/optimization
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